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At the David Aylor Law Offices, we measure our success by the results that we get for our clients. Here are just some of the results that we’re proud of on behalf of those that we represent:

Motorcycle Accident – $325K

A motor vehicle failed to yield the right of way. Our client, a motorcyclist, bore the brunt of the impact. He sustained severe injuries and needed a foot amputation. Despite only having $50K in insurance liability coverage for the case, our attorneys negotiated a $325K settlement for our client.

  • How we did it: At first, the insurance company refused to make any offers for our client. However, we put our legal expertise to work for skillful negotiations on behalf of our client. We helped the insurance company see the strength of our client’s case and that it was in their best interests to extend a fair settlement offer to resolve the case.

Pool Accident – $300K

When a child drowned in a private pool, our legal team negotiated a $300K policy limits resolution.

  • How we did it: Our legal team gathered the evidence to prove negligent supervision of the pool area. Then, we demonstrated the value of damages and the legal justification for payment of the $300K policy limits to the victim’s family.

Boating Accident- $113k

When a client was injured as a passenger on a recreational boat, we recovered $113K to compensate her for her injury

  • How we did it: The insurance company failed to make any offer for our client’s injuries. Our experience litigators filed a lawsuit. Still, only $42k was offered at mediation. Three days before trial, the insurance company nearly tripled their offer in lieu of having to face us in court.

Auto Accident – $100K

A drunk driver traveled the wrong way across a bridge. They struck the victim, our client, and caused physical injuries and other damages. We worked to recover $100K for the victim.

  • How we did it: After careful research and preparation of legal strategy, our team invoked the Tyger River legal doctrine. We proved that the insurance company had legal liability based on controlling and managing a claim negligently, causing a loss to the plaintiff.

Auto Accident – $50K

A head-on collision occurred. The other motorist was uninsured. However, we recovered $50K for a facial fracture and contusions suffered by the victim.

  • How we did it: We put our legal experience to work to thoroughly review the insurance policies in play. Having identified uninsured motorist coverage, we worked to secure the maximum payout for the client to the full extent of the policy limits.

Auto Accident – $50K

The client was rear-ended at a red light. They suffered injuries to the ligaments in their ankle. The insurance company refused to pay, saying that the injuries were not from the accident. They offered to settle the case for a mere $3,400. Our team fought back, and the result was a $50K settlement for our client.

  • How we did it: Our team carefully built the factual evidence to show the link between the accident and the victim’s injuries. Using expert witnesses, we provided strong evidence to show how the accident produced the client’s injuries. We didn’t allow the client to be harassed by allegations about previous medical issues. Instead, with thorough attention to detail and compliance with legal requirements for the use of expert witnesses, we were successful in exposing the truth.

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